Last updated: 01 July 2024

About Us

Welcome to, the best place for information on UK online casinos and betting sites not on GamStop. We have a specialist team of gambling enthusiasts who dedicate their lives to finding the latest and most amazing casino sites outside the UK for British bettors.

We’re happy you chose to visit us and you won’t regret that decision! Our site is full of the latest casino reviews, curated lists of the top casinos to join and so much more. If you’re a UK gambler, you’ll find everything you need to have a good time away from the GamStop scheme.

Eager to know more about us and what we do? This page will reveal all about!

Our Core Mission 

The moment we started this website, we set a clear mission: to be the most reliable resource for casinos and betting sites not on GamStop. 

We know thousands of Brits are using GamStop every day, yet so many of them struggle with the extreme restrictions. The program – while it does a lot of good – can ban punters for far too long, leading many down a dark and dangerous path. 

Our goal is to help UK bettors avoid this route and steer clear of any troublesome online gambling operators. Instead, we’re dedicated to finding reputable casinos outside GamStop that UK players can join legally. 

What We Do For You

What will you find on We cover a range of topics relating to GamStop and online gambling. Here’s a quick look at what we do for you and how we can help you on your gambling journey: 

  • Provide Honest & In-Depth Reviews – You’ll find hundreds of reviews for casinos and betting sites not on GamStop. We test all sites before submitting a review to be sure it’s an honest and unbiased rundown. Our experts go into great detail providing you with all the features and talking points.
  • Find The Best Non-GamStop Casinos & Bookies – We also have guides with lists of the top non-GamStop casinos and bookmakers. These sites are handpicked based on their rating, ensuring you find the best places to go for specific casino games, sports betting and much more.
  • Information On GamStop – Our team specialises in GamStop and we have resources explaining the scheme, how it works and how you can safely get around it.
  • All The Latest Bonuses – We’re always on the ball when it comes to bonuses. Our site contains the latest deals and promotions from sites across the internet. Check our guides to find non-GamStop no deposit bonuses and much more.

With our guidance, you’ll know the best places to bet while self-excluding without breaking any rules or regulations. We’re also strong advocates of responsible gambling, so please feel free to contact us if you need any tips on how to follow safe gambling habits!

How We Carry Out Our Detailed Reviews

As mentioned, we review loads of casinos and betting sites not connected to GamStop. This is a big part of our site, so we put lots of care and attention into our review process. 

We have two processes for reviewing online casinos and reviewing online betting sites. They’re very similar with a couple of slight differences – but you can learn more about them on the corresponding pages. 

For now, we’ll gladly give a quick rundown of how we review every gambling provider not on GamStop: 

  • Check For Legitimacy
  • See If Brits Can Join 
  • Assess All Security Features 
  • Review Payment Methods 
  • Analyse Withdrawals 
  • Look At Gambling Coverage
  • Test The Support Methods 
  • Check The Bonus Offers 
  • Review Responsible Gambling Practices

Of course, we also check that the betting site or casino has no connection to GamStop. That’s the whole point of what we do; our reviews showcase the best and most trusted non-GamStop websites!

Why Trust Our Team

You’re likely wondering why you should trust what we say over other teams from similar sites. 

The team is fully committed to helping UK punters in any way possible. We do this because we care – we see it as our duty to inform players and educate them about GamStop and how to safely navigate it. 

You can trust our site because: 

  • We have years of gambling experience
  • All members of our team have been on GamStop before
  • We only present fact-based evidence
  • We take an unbiased stance and look at the pros and cons
  • Our information is always up-to-date

Find The Best Places To Gamble Outside GamStop Today

We will continue to build this website, add to our lists and provide more reviews. If you’re looking to avoid the dodgy sites on the Black Market, you need to stick around for longer! 

Check out our latest reviews and lists to find the best places to gamble outside GamStop today. Again, we’re glad you found us and look forward to providing you with the most recent promotions whenever they’re released.

Say Hi To Our Team

We couldn’t say enough good things about our team if we tried. They’re awesome and we’d love for you to meet them. So, why not start with the main man himself, our lead author:

Hey there, I’m Patrick Bamford and I’m the chief writer at After graduating with a Master’s at the London School of Economics and Political Science, I developed an affinity for gambling. I started dedicating my life to exploring this industry and learning as much as possible. With the emergence of GamStop many years later, I turned my attention to absorbing the scheme and offering tips on how to gamble responsibly on casinos outside GamStop. People loved what I was putting out there on forums, so I worked with a friend to create Now, my full-time job is writing content for you guys and staying updated with all the non-GamStop betting going on!


If you need help or have queries about gambling outside GamStop, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Fill in our Contact Us form and we’ll respond ASAP.