About Us

At NonGamStopOdds.com, our team is led by our resident gaming expert, Patrick Bamford. Patrick is an English journalist who studied communications and economics at the University of Leeds and Cardiff University, graduating with honours at both institutions. Although he only became a gambler after he graduated, Patrick’s deep understanding of economics and game theory showed him a side of gaming he had never seen before, causing him to fall in love with the sport. 

With his renewed interest, Patrick built NonGamStopOdds.com from the ground up, aiming to provide his readers with the best information available on anything related to non-GamStop casinos that welcome UK punters.

The GamStop Scheme

GamStop is a British self-exclusion programme that regulates gaming in the United Kingdom. However, many punters find the scheme frustrating and limiting, seeking out offshore casinos that won’t restrict the way they want to play.

That’s where NonGamStopOdds.com comes in; we understand how frustrating it is to face restrictions on your favourite games or, even worse, an active ban preventing play. Unfortunately, although GamStop can assist parenting gamers who struggle with responsible gambling and have an addiction, the programme is more of a band-aid that affects everyone else instead of addressing the player’s core problem.

To that end, the experienced review team at NonGamStopOdds.com thoroughly investigates the best non-GamStop casino sites so you can jump right back into playing without restrictions. We’ll also show you the best ways to bypass GamStop, allowing you to experience the full range of what online casinos have to offer.

We Help British Bettors Play More

Are you a bettor living in the British Isles? Do you gamble responsibly and only want to play on the best platforms available for fun? Have you struggled with GamStop restrictions despite not having any problems? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, NonGamStopOdds.com can help you.

Gambling online shouldn’t involve any greater risk than taking a chance at your favourite slots; you shouldn’t have to wager on the casino’s quality. Still, it can be tricky to find the best gambling sites; the process gets even more challenging if you want a casino that doesn’t adhere to GamStop restrictions. Moreover, because the UK Gambling Commission hasn’t regulated these casinos, it’s harder to check their trustworthiness on your own.

We all know the online gambling horror stories everyone has told: Unfair house edges, rigged algorithms, too-good-to-be-true welcome bonuses, and refusals to cash out are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s more convenient to visit an online casino than it is to travel to a real-life one, but it may also carry more risk; not only do you have 24/7 access to these venues, but you also have to share your credit card information, leaving you in a vulnerable position that can hurt you if the casino isn’t transparent.

Recent statistics suggest that the online casino industry is worth more than $200 billion and continues to grow annually. The bigger this field grows, the more critical it becomes to ensure you’re finding quality casinos amid the saturation. But, of course, as more sites keep popping up, it can feel daunting to find somewhere to begin, let alone figure out how to cut through the noise.

NonGamStopOdds.com is the solution to this seemingly insurmountable problem; our primary goal is to help you find reliable casinos to trust with your money. In addition, we provide accurate and impartial reviews of online casinos that don’t adhere to the GamStop Self-Exclusion scheme. We want to be your one-stop shop for everything non-GamStop.

We publish in-depth, unbiased reviews of online casinos that aren’t on GamStop, including new releases, industry changes, and the updates you care about; NonGamStopOdds.com makes it easy for our readers to make informed, financially sound decisions when it comes to their favourite way of spending time.

Our Criteria

At NonGamStopOdds.com, we will never suggest a site that doesn’t meet our criteria. We study each site comprehensively, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked. Our broad range of criteria include: