How to Cancel GamStop

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How to cancel GamStop

Frustration over your GamStop self-exclusion can be enough to make you forget about afternoon tea. As we say in the gambling world, that scenario is suboptimal.

Cool your nerves, friend. Put on a kettle. We’ll show you how to cancel GamStop from completely blocking your access to online gambling.


The Easiest Way to “Cancel GamStop”

Now, you might not like everything you read as we explore how to end GamStop, but we are experienced, educated punters, and we’ll only tell you the truth about this crucial matter.

Some sites will show you a bunch of sketchy, outlandish scenarios. You can’t trust those measures. You’ll get found out, and you’ll lose your account and your money.

How do experts like us deal with GamStop on an online casino account? We don’t cancel it. We run around the GamStop self-exclusion scheme.

Simply, we use casino sites that aren’t beholden to GamStop. Tons of these sites exist. You’ll be amazed when you see just how many!

The sites we recommend comprise the easiest way to stop GamStop, and they aren’t some contrivance, so you know you can put your time and energy into them and not worry about losing either.

Gambling Sites Available without GamStop Cancels

On the following list, you will see our recommended gambling sites not with GamStop. We meticulously comb and curate these sites to ensure your safety, satisfaction and fun.

For optimal results, choose a few sites from our lists to find out which one meets your tastes and interests the best. You’ll surely have fun, and you could soon earn a couple bonuses. Is that kettle ready?

Slots Muse Casino
  • Highest Payout Rate
  • Not Burdened by GamStop
  • €40 to Qualify the Bonus
Up to 200 free spins on deposit
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Twinky Win Casino
  • Special Promotions
  • No GamStop Interlock
  • €10 to €75 Min. Deposit
725 free spins
Play Now
Yummy Wins Casino
  • €40 Min. Fund
  • Not Hampered by GamStop
  • Excellent Live Support
44% with 1x wager
Play Now
Shiny Joker Casino
  • Not Beholden to GamStop
  • Quick Funds Withdrawal
  • €40 to Get the Promo
120% welcome bonus
Play Now
Bonus Strike Casino
  • 40 Euros to Get Promo
  • New Game Releases
  • No GamStop Obligations
725 free spins
Play Now
Richy Fish Casino
  • Fast Payouts
  • Not Connected with GamStop
  • Deposit at Least €40
200% match up to €1,000
Play Now
Papaya Wins Casino
  • Great Welcome Bonus
  • No GamStop-Blocked Operator
  • Deposit Range €10-2000
Up to 3,000 euros in matches
Play Now
Jimmy Winner Casino
  • Exciting Bonus System
  • Runs without GamStop
  • 20 Euros to Trigger Bonus
525% over three deposits
Play Now
VooDoo Wins Casino
  • Top-Shelf Games
  • Not within the GamStop Network
  • €40 to Claim the Award
450% triple bonus up to €3,000
Play Now
Jammy Jack Casino
  • Multi-Stage Bonuses
  • Not in the GamStop System
  • €20-40 to Trigger Bonus
525% cumulative match reward
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Our Unparalleled System for Rating Sites without GamStop Cessation

As we compare independent casino sites that let you run by GamStop, we dig deep into our decades of experience in casino culture. On your behalf, we explore non-UK online casinos searching for:

Of course, we’ve just given you the highlights above. You can dig deeper into our site to discover the diverse elements that set us apart from bland providers of info on GamStop cessation whose criteria is bog standard.

No Real Ways to Actually Repeal GamStop Self-Exclusion

Other sites won’t tell you this, but it is simply not possible to cancel your GamStop self-exclusion until its term is over. Let’s explore this a little.

When you set sail with the GamStop self-exclusion scheme, it was probably a low point. Perhaps, you had lost a bunch of money. You may have been reeling. In that state, you were asked to set your own self-exclusion period. You could choose:

If you chose five years, put on a second kettle. You’ll need something to pass the time.

We’re just having one on one with you. Keep reading.

It’s Just Not Possible to Cancel the Self Exclusion until It’s Over

Some things in life require us to ride them out. A GamStop term is one of those things. If you want to eventually play on a site that complies with GamStop, you have to just wait out the self-exclusion term you selected.

That’s fine. You’ll get by. We have tea to drink.

But There Is an Alternative That Keeps Us Chuffed

And this is the stellar thing about it all. We don’t have to solely consume tea. While you can’t remove the scheme, you can certainly get around GamStop self-exclusion by seeking other places to play casino games and bet sports online.

These sites are in locales outside the UK’s jurisdiction. They offer all of the casino games you know and trust, and they use modern, fast platforms. If you prefer to wager on sports, you’ll be happy with your non-GamStop alternatives, too. The available sites offer diverse betting markets and excellent action.

Do you mind fetching us some cream tea? That’s our jam!

True GamStop Removal Procedure

We are about to reveal the one reliable way your GamStop suspension can be removed. Other sites say there are four or five methods. They aren’t really because those methods are scammy, and you’ll run the chance of being locked out of your account and losing your money. We only share the truth around here.

So, follow along and learn how to reverse GamStop, how to actually unregister from GamStop and how to deactivate GamStop.

  1. Wait until your self-exclusion period expires.
    We said we were truth-tellers, so don’t be mad. As you can see, the method is simply to wait out the GamStop period. It’s boring, but this is the only way to do it, and it’s the right way.
  2. Request deactivation via the GamStop Support Centre.
    Once your self-exclusion term ends, you’ll need to deactivate your GamStop to regain access to online casinos based in the UK. When you make your request, play nice with the good people at the GamStop Support Centre.
  3. Wait until the 24-hour cooling-off period passes.
    The GamStop Support Centre gives you a 24-hour period after your GamStop deactivation before you can access an online casino and play in the UK. This may seem like overkill, but it could help you avoid an overbet.
  4. You’re free to join UK online gambling operators again.
    Congratulations! Now, you know how to undo GamStop, since we can’t actually cancel GamStop self-exclusion.

Think Hard Before You Reverse GamStop in the UK

📍 GamStop Cancellation Options0
📍 Efficient Way to Cancel GamStopUse non-GamStop sites
📍 Real Way to Remove GamStopWait until the period ends
📍 When GamStop Ends6 months to 5 years
📍 Cooling-off Period24 hours

Reversing your GamStop is not something to be done on a lark. Don’t do it when you get home from a long night down the pub, and don’t do it when you haven’t been getting enough sleep. Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of reversing self-exclusion at the end of your term.

The Undeniable Positives of GamStop Cessation

Pros of stopping GamStop self-exclusion

When you’re ready for it in your life, there’s a truly positive side to deactivating GamStop:

  1. You get to play again, which means you could win again.
  2. A jackpot may be in your future.
  3. You could learn new games to play. These may be games that arrived in UK online casinos during your GamStop suspension.
  4. By properly managing the gambling portion of your life, you gain the opportunity to build your confidence and self-esteem.
  5. Perhaps, you’ll just have a bit of fun.

Some Players Should Never Undo GamStop

Cons of cancelling GamStop

Sadly, GamStop deactivation just isn’t right for some players. That’s you if:

  1. You never manage your bankroll.
  2. You’re unfamiliar with the concept of a bankroll.
  3. Setting limits during a gambling session is beyond your capacity.
  4. You’ve habitually hurt family members or friends due to your gambling decisions.
  5. Gambling feels like a compulsion to you. If that’s you, please find your path to assistance with gambling addiction. We want to see you find help.

Surely, you’ve heard that quote about knowing yourself. Before you pull the old plug on your GamStop, check with your soul. Ensure you’re not a bloke who is ill-equipped for what comes after you stop GamStop.

Be Aware Before Deactivating GamStop

We’ve given you advice and tools today. Tools are only properly used in the right hands. If you trust your hands, we hope you will deactivate your GamStop exclusion at the end of its term. Alternatively, if you do not trust your hands, you might seek help to firm up their sureness first. That way, if you do remove GamStop exclusion later, then you will give yourself a higher likelihood of success.

We all want success at the casino, but success throughout life is the true goal. Surely, you agree, mate!

It’s been a joy talking with you about cancelling GamStop. Can we bother you for a scone?

How to Stop GamStop FAQs

You have questions, innit? Take advantage of our deep expertise around GamStop reversal.

  • Will you please just tell me how to remove GamStop?

    Once you’re in a GamStop term, you can’t get out of it. In other words, we can’t show you how to get off GamStop because it cannot be removed.

  • I can’t just remove myself from GamStop?

    It is not possible. You have to wait until the period ends and use the instructions on this page.

  • How long does GamStop last?

    You need to look at the confirmation email you received from the gambling self-exclusion scheme to determine when your unique GamStop term ends.

    The GamStop system lets you choose your term’s length. Participants can choose a minimum of six months and a maximum of five years. It’s nice to have this option to tailor your GamStop time span, but you probably feel bloody cheesed off if you accidentally chose an extended term.

    Five years? Nah, mate!

  • Can I cancel GamStop?

    Like we said earlier, a GamStop self-exclusion can’t be removed. To be quite clear, it also can’t be cancelled.

  • Is it safe to try to cancel a GamStop?

    It is safe, as long as you are not trying to break the law in questionable and illegal ways.

    All legal ways are covered on this page.

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