How to Get Around GamStop

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How to get around GamStop

There you sit, wondering, “What have I done?” We relate. We have been in your Doc Martens, mate! Well, our hapless intern has, at least. So, rest assured, we understand how it feels to, in a dubious moment, bring a GamStop self-exclusion upon yourself only to soon shout, “Bollocks! I ruined my online gambling access. What was I thinking?”

We’ve seen it before, so you don’t need to worry at all right now. Blokes come here all the time after creating the same mess you did. They want to know how to gamble with GamStop. In reply, we offer a smidgen of bad news and a whole lot of good news. Let’s enjoy some of the good news directly. We can show you how to get around GamStop!


List of Well-Researched Ways to Bypass GamStop

Your brain is telling you that you’ve got to end that GamStop thingy, but that isn’t so. In fact, you cannot end your GamStop early. You’re stuck with it throughout the term you selected when you joined the self-exclusion scheme. That’s a bit of bad news.

Fortunately, we know how to gamble when on GamStop. Indeed, as gambling experts with exactly too much time on our hands, we have deeply researched several methods that enable you to play your favourite casino games during your GamStop timeout.

Use Gambling Sites Not Registered with GamStop

Getting around using gambling sites not on GamStop

When we tell visitors how to avoid GamStop, we direct them toward sites that aren’t involved in that unpopular scheme. That’s your solution. You will dodge GamStop by choosing from the excellent sites we have screened for you.

To gamble at any of the sites on our table, just start an account. You’ll be playing your favourite casino games without GamStop in minutes.

Slots Muse Casino
  • Highest Payout Rate
  • Not Burdened by GamStop
  • €40 to Qualify the Bonus
Up to 200 free spins on deposit
Play Now
Twinky Win Casino
  • Special Promotions
  • No GamStop Interlock
  • €10 to €75 Min. Deposit
725 free spins
Play Now
Yummy Wins Casino
  • €40 Min. Fund
  • Not Hampered by GamStop
  • Excellent Live Support
44% with 1x wager
Play Now
Shiny Joker Casino
  • Not Beholden to GamStop
  • Quick Funds Withdrawal
  • €40 to Get the Promo
120% welcome bonus
Play Now
Bonus Strike Casino
  • 40 Euros to Get Promo
  • New Game Releases
  • No GamStop Obligations
725 free spins
Play Now
Richy Fish Casino
  • Fast Payouts
  • Not Connected with GamStop
  • Deposit at Least €40
200% match up to €1,000
Play Now
Papaya Wins Casino
  • Great Welcome Bonus
  • No GamStop-Blocked Operator
  • Deposit Range €10-2000
Up to 3,000 euros in matches
Play Now
Jimmy Winner Casino
  • Exciting Bonus System
  • Runs without GamStop
  • 20 Euros to Trigger Bonus
525% over three deposits
Play Now
VooDoo Wins Casino
  • Top-Shelf Games
  • Not within the GamStop Network
  • €40 to Claim the Award
450% triple bonus up to €3,000
Play Now
Jammy Jack Casino
  • Multi-Stage Bonuses
  • Not in the GamStop System
  • €20-40 to Trigger Bonus
525% cumulative match reward
Play Now

Use VPNs to Get Around GamStop

Use VPNs to defeat GamStop

We’ll explain this technique, but we do not recommend it.

A VPN is a virtual private network. You use it to shield your true internet protocol address, so you can appear to be located in a different country. In your case, you could play on a GamStop site without revealing your UK IP address.

Alas, this is a dubious move. You’ll never be able to claim any winnings if you use a VPN to go around GamStop because the casino will ask you for ID verification when you try to make a withdrawal. Playing with a VPN to avoid GamStop is a loser’s move. We don’t play to lose around here.

Use No Verification Sites to Beat GamStop

Use gambling sites without verification

As we explore how to get past GamStop, we’re smart to keep casino sites that don’t require verification in the mix. These sites let us play quickly. You won’t have to worry about any time wasted on back-and-forth shenanigans with Customer Service at a no verification casino, so come ready to wager!

Use Standalone International Casinos

Use independent casino websites

Standalone casino sites give us punters value. They take care of us with bonuses, and they let us run around GamStop. You will love the available games at the international casino sites we recommend, too. If you enjoy a full-casino experience, play here!

Use Your Nearest Land-Based Casino or Betting Shop

Use land-based offline venues while on GamStop

We don’t always have to play online, do we? The sound of chips shuffling and the smells of a casino can really make our chests thump.

Then again, real-world casinos feature sounds and fragrances we’d all rather skip, no doubt!

Use Anonymous Cryptocurrency Casinos

Use anonymous crypto casinos

Though they have been around for more than a decade, crypto casinos are unpopular with most players seeking ways to break free of GamStop. We recommend that you consider this option when you want to play without GamStop online. After all, most punters still fund their accounts at offshore casino sites with credit cards, but a Bitcoin online casino gives you:

  • Anonymity
  • Mobility
  • Decentralisation
  • Low-friction transfers
  • Smooth currency exchanges

Use a Shared Account to Gamble While on GamStop

Get past GamStop with a second friends account

When you’re weighing how to beat GamStop, this option probably sounds good if you’re a nutter. It’s straightforward. You find a mate who hasn’t jammed up their online casino account with a GamStop self-exclusion.

We have a simple question. Why should you trust that other punter with your bankroll? And it would only be fair play for them to ask why they should trust you with their account.

Use Gambling Sites with an Offshore Licence

Use offshore gambling sites

This alternative is significantly more manageable than trying to share some bloke’s account. Simply select from reputable casinos not registered with GamStop.

Obviously, these outfits are casino sites outside the UK. As such, they are registered in jurisdictions that seriously regulate fair games, so their licences come well-earned. Moreover, these sites are modern, fun and excellently run.

Types of Gambling Sites to Play While on GamStop Self-Exclusion

Players often find themselves in your position and begin to imagine that opportunities to gamble online have become severely constrained. In fact, that is not true. You still have plenty of excellent places you can play your chosen games on the internet. Use your preferred device to select from the following:

Think About This When You’re Getting Around GamStop in the UK

📍 Listed Ways Around GamStop8
📍 Well-Studied Ways to Skip GamStop5
📍 Best Safe OptionNo GamStop gambling sites
📍 Not Recommended OptionVPNs
❌ Blacklisted OptionsShared or family account, Bribe someone
📍 Best Casino to Get Around GamStopTwinky Win Casino

We should gamble for fun and profit, but losses are part of the mix. As a result, we have to keep our minds sorted. If your head’s not right for any reason, you’re probably better off booking a day at the spa or heading to the shore. 

Let’s thoughtfully consider when we should bypass a GamStop exclusion and when we shouldn’t.

Reasons to Gamble When GamStop Remains Active

Pros of getting around GamStop
  1. You have access to a gambling bankroll, which features extra money you will not miss if you should happen to lose it.
  2. You can enjoy playing for a short time and do something else with the rest of your day before returning to play again on another day.
  3. Life has generally been going well lately.
  4. You trust yourself not to chase your losses, which means you won’t throw additional money into your online casino account if you lose your gambling bankroll.
  5. You’ve been eating properly, getting sufficient sleep and taking good care of yourself. Also, you know you can continue on this path if you resume gambling.
  6. You’re certain no one close to you will be hurt if you start gambling again.

Reasons to Never Bypass GamStop

Cons of avoiding GamStop
  1. You’ve previously bypassed GamStop with bad results for your personal life.
  2. You know important people in your life will be hurt if you proceed.
  3. You can’t stop thinking about gambling, which means you should likely seek addiction assistance.
  4. When you play, you can’t limit your gambling sessions to a short period of time.
  5. You’re uncomfortable with setting bankroll limits and sticking to them.
  6. Gambling has already cost you something you cannot replace.

Note for Players with Active GamStop Self-Exclusion

We’ve shown you how to bypass GamStop, and want to say something from our hearts. No win could ever beat responsible play. Only play with money you can afford to lose.

It’s our pleasure to share our substantial expertise. Mad luck out there!

Get Around GamStop FAQs

Some blokes like to skip right past all our fact-rich information and just start spraying questions. We get it, so we prepared some excellent answers.

  • Are there any ways around GamStop?

    As shown above, there are several ways you can get around GamStop. A player just cannot cancel a GamStop self-exclusion term before the end date.

    We are a group of experts who combined forces to show you how to gamble while on GamStop.

  • What is the best way around GamStop?

    Your personal answer will be based on your preferences. We invite you to take advantage of our deep expertise while you assess how to stay away from GamStop. Our recommended options include top betting sites without verification, well-regulated European casino sites and other trusted offshore casino sites.

  • Is it safe to avoid GamStop UK self-exclusion?

    We see this question regularly from people who want to know how to get around self-exclusion. Simply, it is safe. While the odd site is dubious, we only recommend sites that take care of your data. These are sites where we play, too!

  • Is circumventing GamStop restrictions a legal offence?

    The hairs on your neck might rise when you seek ways to get around GamStop online. “Am I breaking the law,” you might wonder. In fact, it’s completely legal to use an offshore website to gamble from the UK during your GamStop self-exclusion period.

  • Can I use UK online operators while on a GamStop ban?

    Online operators based in the UK must all participate in the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. Thus, you will not find a UK operator you can access during your GamStop term.

    Learning that answer often leads blokes to wonder how to cancel GamStop, and we encourage you to learn about that, too.

  • What if I get past GamStop and my mental state gets worse?

    Have you considered trying your hand at lawn bowls? The whole affair is quite relaxing if you have a nearby bowling green.

    Seriously, if you’re playing at sites unaffiliated with GamStop, you’ll often find that they still offer self-exclusion schemes. You see, the UK is not the only gambling jurisdiction whose casino authority requires its operators to offer a self-exclusion scheme.

    With that fallback option available, you can play when everything feels tickety-boo. If your mental capacity changes, you can join a self-exclusion scheme and free up time to go scavenging for a set of old lawn bowls at jumble sales.

  • Is it easy to fund an online gambling account while on GamStop?

    It’s very easy, and we’ve written a lot about this elsewhere, so we’re just going to give you some highlights. Most blokes use credit cards to start their new accounts. Be careful, since funding your gambling account with a credit line can lead to obnoxious debt very quickly. Alternatively, try to find an opportunity to fund your new account with a debit card.

    We also see a lot of questions about using mobile phone payment systems to send money to casino websites. This isn’t a good option. We don’t recommend sites that accept those funds. You should play at sites that take the common forms of deposit. Stick with debit and credit cards. They make cashing out easier, too!

    When you want to cash out quickly, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can also be handy. Sites are adding more crypto coins to their deposit options, so add that fact into your decision-making process as you consider where you want to play.

    Around here, we like options. A site that lets you deposit in one payment form and withdraw in another is flexible and customer-friendly. If such a site offers games you like on a casino platform you enjoy, we hope you will play there. Actually, you’ll probably run into us at some of the tables. If you do, please chat with us. We need more mates!

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