Last updated: 01 July 2024

How We Rate Online Casinos

Reviewing online casinos not on GamStop is something we do best. It’s our bread and butter; we’ve done it hundreds of times and will do it many more times! People trust our reviews because they’re so detailed and honest – and that’s because we follow a strict method. 

Unlike magicians, we’ll gladly reveal our secrets! This page is dedicated to showing you how we rate online casinos that aren’t on GamStop. Read on to find a breakdown of the entire process. 

Our Complete Casino Review Process

What goes into creating an online casino review? There are many things to consider, so here’s what we do and what we look for: 

Check For Legitimacy

The first task is simple; check that the online casino is 100% safe and legit. We conduct background checks to discover any information that helps in this regard. 

Look At The GamStop Rules

When reviewing casinos not on GamStop, the site mustn’t be part of this scheme. Our team looks everywhere for information on this and will contact the support staff for confirmation that the site is not on GamStop. 

Identity Any Gambling Licences

Some casinos outside GamStop are licensed by authorities like Curacao iGaming while others are not. An unlicensed site can still be trustworthy if it passes our other legitimacy and safety checks. If licences are found, we ensure they’re real and in date. 

Test That UK Players Can Join

It would be counterproductive to review online casinos that UK players can’t join. All sites are tested from inside the UK so you can join them without a VPN. 

Analyse All Security Features

Our experts will check a site from top to bottom, making a note of all the security features – and any that are missing. We never recommend casinos without SSL encryption and if a site fails our security checks it won’t make our lists. 

Review The Registration Steps

What needs to be done to register for an online casino? Our squad looks through all the steps and what’s expected of new members. This includes any document requirements, verification steps and so on. 

Hunt For Bonus Offers

It’s paramount that casinos without GamStop provide bonuses for new and existing players. We look all over the site and message customer support to understand what deals are currently on offer. 

A Full Casino Library Check

This is one of our most critical parts during the review process. We check the entire casino library, making a note of all game types, developers and more. 

Evaluate The Banking System (Deposits & Withdrawals)

Casinos need to provide safe and well-known banking methods for members. Our experts look at all the deposit and withdrawal options available, as well as the key rules. This includes deposit/withdrawal limits, all withdrawal requirements and much more. 

Look At The Mobile Betting Options

Can you gamble on mobile devices? If so, how do you do it and how seamless is the mobile betting experience?

Study The Player Support Options

Finally, we look at all the support options and test them. We see how long it takes to receive a response and if our queries are dealt with to a high standard. 

Signs Of A Great Casino Not On GamStop – Key Things We Look For

You’ve seen our review process, but what are some of the things we look for in great casinos not on GamStop? All sites are different, yet these are the key features we’re always hoping to encounter: 

  • A clean background check proving the site is legit
  • No GamStop restrictions
  • Completely open to all UK punters
  • No UK licence
  • Loads of casino games from high-quality game providers
  • Plenty of bonuses and promotions – including no-deposit deals
  • Safe ways to deposit with a low minimum deposit limit
  • Simple withdrawal requirements
  • Fast registration with no KYC checks
  • Mobile betting options
  • Excellent customer support is available via different methods

If a casino has all of these features, it’s going to score well in our ratings. On the other hand, sites that barely have any of these perks are likely to receive a low rating and won’t be widely recommended by our team!

Why Trust Our Review Process For GamStop-Free Casinos?

We can talk all day about our review process, but why should you trust it? 

If you’re sceptical, then that’s good. You should always question non-GamStop casino reviews as some are less than adequate. Ours are trustworthy because we offer the following: 

  • Expert Insights – The review team has spent decades in the online gambling community. You receive expert insights that the average person might miss.
  • Fact-Checked Information – Our info is 100% up-to-date and we run a fact-checking service before publishing to be sure we only provide accurate information.
  • Completely Open & Honest – When we offer opinions, they’re our honest thoughts about things. That’s why you’ll often see us talk about the bad parts of casinos in our reviews or what we’d like a site to change.
  • Everything Is Covered – We analyse casinos not on GamStop from top to bottom. Nothing is left unchecked, meaning you know everything there is to know about a site before joining. 

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Common Queries About Our Casino Review Procedure

Do you review casinos on GamStop?

No. We only review casinos outside GamStop. All of the casinos we review are located away from the self-exclusion scheme, providing UK punters with a secure way to gamble while self-excluding.

Why don’t any of the casinos have terrible ratings?

If a casino is awful and ends up with a terrible rating, we don’t publish it. In our view, it’s more dangerous to put that site’s name out there because it’s so bad. We’d rather you never encounter the casino at all. All of the casinos on our website will have positive ratings because we want to show you safe places to gamble!

Do you update your GamStop-free casino reviews?

Yes! We do this all the time as we know sites add things or make changes. Our team always keeps on top of updates and will make alterations to our reviews when they happen. Yes, this also means we alter the ratings if there’s a dramatic change.

Do you review all casinos not on GamStop?

Yes…well, we try to! Thousands of casinos not with GamStop exist, but we’re trying to get through them all. When new sites pop up we review them right away so you get the latest information. Keep in mind that we don’t publish all reviews as plenty of the casinos we’ve encountered are too bad to share.

Can I suggest a casino without GamStop to review?

Absolutely. We’re fairly confident we’ve reviewed all of the main casinos not using GamStop but feel free to contact us with a recommendation and we’ll check it out.

Who Wrote, Verified & Authorised This Page?

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